These instructions are written to illustrate the method which I used to create realistic bats for either indoor or outdor use. While they were inexpensive to create, they were extremely time consuming! So if you are in a hurry to make multiple bats, this probably isn't the method that you will want to use. If you're looking for a prop that will be weatherproof, and sturdy enough to last year after year, then this is the method for you!

Material List:

The materials used for this construction include a hot-glue gun, aluminum foil, side cutter plies (or wire cutters), a sturdy wire coathanger, and some scrap paper.

Step 1:

The first step is to crumple up your scrap paper to get the relative shape that will eventually become the body of the bat.

Step 2:

Wrap the paperwad with black electrical tape as tightly as possible intil it conforms to the shape of a bats body.

Step 3:

Pierce through the body with a sharp object. I used a dental pick, but any object that can poke through the tape and paper will do. I suppose a standard ice pick would also work great. Be careful though, because the paper and tape are wrapped so tightly that the pick had to be worked through slowly.

Step 4:

Cut and straighten the wire hanger. Inssert the hanger through the body as shown above. Make sure that the wire is long enough to be bent to form the wings in later steps.