Alright, I may spend alot of time behind the blue glow of my monitor, but I also like to do other stuff too. Since most people think that I am solely a computer-monkey, this page is for the display of personal projects and has no relationship with the artwork shown in my professional pages. Click on a link to see some of the crazy stuff that I like to tinker on or create in my spare time.

The dreaded Chupacabra : The Chupacabra is somewhat like Mexico's version of Bigfoot. It is a mythic (or IS it??) beast who drains the blood of farm animals in the southwest. The name Chupacabra roughly translates to "Goat Sucker." Although there are varied reports that describe this cryptozoologic beast , I imagined it as a large, reptilian monkey. Click Here to see my sculpting skills (or lack thereof). Remember, this is my first attempt at sculpting anything from this material.

Head in a Jar: This one was a Halloween prop that I made for my daughter's annual Halloween part. Easy to make, yet highly disturbing.

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