Welcome to the personal section of my website, where nothing is sacred and spell-check is for sissies.


Overheard at the Office: Some of the funniest material that I've ever posted came from the bizarre office conversations that I've had over the past five years. So here they are... all collected in one page!

Seduction of the Innocent 2- Even More Inapproprate Comic Book Panels: A bunch of additional old comic book panels that are "just plain wrong" when taken out of context.

Seduction of the Innocent - Inapproprate Comic Book Panels: A funny collection of old comic book panels that are "just plain wrong" when taken out of context.

20 Questions with Captain Alex: A quick interview with Blackboard contributor "Captain Alex."

Derek's Favorite Links: Check out this list of my favorite links in the whole wide world! Browse, surf, and be happy!

The Wrasslin' Sutra: Ever notice how much wrestling maneuvers resemble love-making positions? Yeah, we did too.

Not Really Dirty: A collection of products, displays and ads that look raunchy, but aren't. - Safe For Work .

Whats on your desktop?: An interesting(???) exposé of desktop photos which friends have submitted.

Houses With Faces: All homes have a personality, but some wear them on their sleeve.

The Swami Monkey: The first ever Primate Spiritualist answers your questions about life, love, and other crap.

Bass-Ackward Questionnaire: Check out submitted answers to this unique questionnaire!

Ambiguous Safety Diagrams: Ever see those weird diagrams that could mean anything?

Super-Friends Recruitment Meeting: Just how do super teams select their new members anyway?

Schaljo Goes Worldwide: See what happens when a practical joke meets 300,000 readers.

Personal P.R. Campaign: Watch us implement a public relations campaign for an unsuspecting friend.

Hollywood Hotties: A "top five" list of hot movies stars send in by you, the readers of this site.

Oh, That Dirty Water: A biting expose' on the purity of water in my hometown. Check it out and be disgusted.

Sculpture Contest: NOW EXTENDED!!! Participate in the first ever art contest on the Blackboard.

Yoda Interview: An imaginary photographic interview with Yoda, my childhood hero.

20 Questions with John Schaljo: A quick interview with this websites' number one fan.

Metaphoric Connections: Aristotle said that creating metaphors is a sign of genius. Lets see if you are one.

Ambiguous Safety Diagrams: Some rather strange interpretations for real-life safety diagrams.

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