Every so often I run into an advertisement or product that makes me snicker like a fourth grader. And while I know that there's no shortage of sexual imagery in advertising, sometimes things aren't so obvious. These images aren't necessarily meant to be sexual, but are, either because of a design oversight, an awry copywriter, or just because of my filthy mind. If you run across anything that belongs n this page, please send it in and I'll post it on this page.

Now get your mind into the gutter!

Submitted Wrongness

Captain Alex sent in this photo that one of his friends took in Decatur Illinois.


The King's Seven Incher

Just when you thought Burger King's commercials couldn't get any stranger, they released this ad proclaiming that the King's Seven incher will "blow your Mind.". The inuendos don't really get much more blatant than this.


Not Yo' Libre!

Not too long ago, I got this really strange poster in the mail advertising stock photography. The poseter was cool and all, but it ad a bunch of small drawings of wrestling positions through out the design ! How bizarre!

Once you really looked at it, you couldn't help but compare these drawings to those of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian Sanskrit text thats widely considered the standard work on love-making.

So after being mesmerized by the strange "near erotic" drawings, Captain Alex and I decided that it was up to us to give these wrasslin' positions some names.

The result, my friends, is a page which we dubbed The Wrasslin' Sutra.

Cricket Balls.

Geez!!! I was browsing a new graphic design site and came accross this product. I never knew such a thing existed. Who'd have thought that you could go to the store and buy a tube of cricket balls! How do they harvest those? Who ever does it must have tiny, tiny hands and a dexterity possessed by few. It must be a very small package. Think about it -- thats funny on more than one level.

Phallic? Never heard of the word!

We spotted these phallic bottles in a package design magazine at work today. The product is premium tequila. I wonder what they expect to happen after a few bottles of these have been drunk. The brand-name is Asom Broso, but Alex thinks it should be "Assom Sore-oh!"

Ladies won't have any use for the tequila "worm" with these things around.

Yep. That's what it says.

DJ PJ sent in this graphic that he found at the Think Geek website. I bet there were some laughs in the Geek offices that day.

Hmmm.... not my kind of cigar, but we don't judge!

Captain Alex sent in this photo of this old, suggestive cigar sign....

Too much information?!

The Reverend Ed took a quick shot of this sticker for me that was outside of a restaurant today. Don't they think thats a bit inappropriate to tell people that? Deviants!!!

Do we really have to resort to name calling?!

We got this flyer in the mail yesterday! Now I know that Christians have been having trouble bringing and keeping people in the church for the past decade, but has it really resorted to this? Mary Magdela’s ho-made ice-cream...... I guess I'll give them credit for it. It got my attention!

A bad Abbrv???

As a graphic designer, I know the importance of consistency. But sometimes consistency can lead to some odd sounding phrases. Take this set of instructions, for example. I think a change in the way the word “Assembly” is abbreviated may be warranted, don't you?

It may be a new design, but it still looks crotchety to me.

Ummmmm, I'm not sure what to call this digital imaging website’s opening page. It's the opposite of phallic! Is antiphallic a word? How about labionic? But no matter the term, it looks like what Oprah would call a big, red vajayjay!!!

Just going through the motions

This ad that was in a printing magazine looks blatantly homoerotic to me! If this model is a straight guy, I imagine that he'd be pissed as all hell. That's an awful way to crop that photo - unless of course it was done on purpose, then it'd be brilliant.

The human Torch isn't Jewish

As a graphic designer, I have learned that you should always read what the copy says before making a design "live." This is a lesson that I imagine the designer of this new Fantastic Four banner has (or will) undoubtedly learn.

Piss-poor photo choice?

Captain Alex spotted this rather disturbing ad for a stock photography agency. Take note of the strange placement of one of the stalks of wheat. Is this an accident? Are Alex and I just sickos? Or did the photographer slip this one in because it looks like the girl is peeing through her jeans?

A Shattered Ego

I noticed the tag on these hand towels this morning! I was thrilled that Wendy had these custom monogrammed for me, but then she told me its just the brand name. Bummer.

As seen and noted.

Captain Alex and I spotted this sign for a local hardware store on one of our drives this weekend. It shows how stores may want to pay attentiion to how the words "flow" on these new-fangled lighted signs popping up everywhere.

A male tree!

I ran into this old photo of this tree that was outside of the window where I used to work. We had always called it the penis-tree, but eventually the grounds keepers cut the appendage off.

I guess it became the eunuch tree.

I don't want this Scented Candle.

The Brat took this pic of a curiously strange candle at a local craft store.....

Chinese Airlines.

When travelling in China, we had the choice of either the FAT airlines or the TNA..... of course we took the FAT one.

Horrible Translation.

Another wierd translation from when I was in China.

Shanghai Billboard.

Uh......... is this supposed to look like what I think it does?

Monkeying Around.

Sioux sent in this photo along with the following comment:

"We went to the zoo yesterday and found this statue a little odd."