The following Shaljo Sightings are submitted by readers world-wide. To learn about submitting your own sighting, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Jim L sends the first Schaljo sighting outside of Effingham! It appears that John has made headlines in the Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario newspaper! Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario is the home of the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany!

Ken H. sends this sighting and these comments:

"I am pleased to inform you that your friend Mr. Schaijo has been popularly received here in Jilin China, even though, presumably, he is not a CCCP member. I'm sure his unprecedented popularity will sweep throughout Asia. Oh, almost forgot, the Chinese writing on the sign says "Schaijo is OK!". In Chinese his name roughly translates into "Brute drink"

Brent from AZ reports to us that Mesa Arizona thinks John is A-OK.

"I don't know much about sending photos (or taking them for that matter), but I do enjoy a good laugh and I got several from your site. The background is Red Mountain in East Mesa AZ about 15 miles East of Phoenix."

Sassy Redhead posted this Schaljo is A-OK poster on her internet journal.

Ron Zombie sent in this pic showing that even the haunted pirates of Wisconsin support Schaljo, even after a couple of wenches and a tankard of ale.

Luckydog emailed this sighting from the City of Sin, Las vegas, Nevada.

Roy A. is helping to spread the word. He sent in this pic as well as the following comment.

"Went to have my car serviced this afternoon and had some flyers so I used my ninja tactics and plastered there lot with them before I left so they are well aware in beautiful downtown Marshall MI that Schaljo Is A OK. !"

Tamara from shows her support of Schaljo on her personal blog. Way to go Tamara!.

Lee S. from Centerville , Utah sent in these photos where the legend of Mr. Schaljo is apparently spreading faster than gonorrhea in a sleazy strip joint.

Taken in front of my home in Centerville, UT. I was in the process of putting in a metal chimney for a wood burning stove, and waiting on some supplies, when it was taken. Note the ladder and fall season scare crow.

Taken in front of our Centerville City Community Center and City Hall.

Lee took these photos in front of the garden gateway entry to the City of Bountiful, UT.

Tami S. writes: My husband and I are back from one of our conventions and I took some pictures for you. We really didn't have much free time so I was only able to put the sign in 2 locations.

"This picture is on the Missouri State sign as we drove from Arkansas to Springfield Missouri for the convention."

"Wal-Mart visitor's center in Bentonville Arkansas. This is where Sam Walton opened his very first store. We went to the headquarters of Wal-Mart but were unable to get to the sign."

Paul (The Sailor in the Sand) sent in these pics from Kuwait, near the Iraqi border. Way to go Paul, but we'd be behind you even if you didn't back Schaljo!

Paul says: I thought that you might like to have a few pictures from over here in Kuwait, since you've spent time here. You may recongnize a few of these places like Navistar and the border of Iraq.

Schaljo gracing the sign at Navistar Fire Station 1.

Let every man, woman and child be warned of Schaljo's "A-okness."

Paul gives the big "Navy thumbs up!".

Lee from Albuquerque, NM sent in these pics from his office where "Schaljo is A-OK" signs abound. We are slowly gaining the hearts and minds of the public, one cubicle at a time.

"Attached are pics of the PR Campaign. Sorry for the poor quality. All I had was my cell phone. I hung them on various floors of our office building."

Cindy W. sent in there photos and a Christmas greeting from MN. Thanks Cindy!!!

Cindy says: "I hope you are not done with the "campaign" yet. Here are a couple pictures from Winona, MN. Merry Christmas, Cindy."

Kier M. submitted this pic where Schaljo was up against Ottawa's Gordon O'Connor. Kier Says:


I am proud to say that Schaljo was part of the Canadian election! I made this sign to blend in with the other Canadian campaign signs and posted them around here in Ottawa Canada's capital on election night!


Mr. John Schaljo himself sent in this sighting on a UPS delvery truck in Effingham Illinois, birthpace of the Schaljo campaign,

John writes:
"This is the 2nd time a brown truck has left our business with the sign. We didn't have a camera the 1st time. I sure hope we don't piss off the

Jerry sent in this photo showing that John was sightet way over in Strassgiech, Germany! Thanks Jerry!

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