Step 9:

Place the bat form on some plastic sheeting. I used a trash bag, but in hindsight, I think that a heavier plastic tarp would have worked better. After placing the bat on the plastic outline the shape of the wings with a black magic marker. The photo above shows the outline in yellow so you can see it more clearly. Make sure to give about an inch of extra space around the close hanger to make it easier to attach later.

Step 10:

Cut the outline from the sheet using scissors. Notice the extra space that I left to make it easier to attach in the next step.

Step 11:

Lay the body on top of the wings and fold the seam over the hanger. Tape in place with the electrical tape until the entire wing is sealed.

Step 12:

After both wings are completed, add the finishing touches such as ears and eyes. The ears are easily made from folding electrical tape into a triangular shape and taping to the head. I used a dot of glow in the dark fabric paint to give the eyes a creepy glow..

This shot shows the bat as it hangs in my basement. I screwed a threaded eyelet into its back to hang it for Halloween, but have it held in place with a clamp in the photo.

Another shot of the bat. You can see the glowing eyes and the ears in this picture.

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